Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sparkly Cupcake - Card & Video by Therese

Hi, it's Therese here and today I decided to play with those 'wonky' stitched rectangles again and this time I used them to emboss a pattern into my cardstock, to add some detail without the bulk.  I decided to film as I created so you can watch the process.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Newsletter - 26th April 2016

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A box full of roses

Hi there, it's Ann back again with a card in a box for you, showcasing lots of roses!  Autumn in Melbourne is just magnificent, and when I visited a friend who wanted me to see her crabapple tree, with its glorious red, tan and gold leaves, I knew immediately what I wanted to make for you today.

 I went to town filling this box card with roses using the Heartfelt Creations stamps : Botanical Rose Bouquet, Botanical Roses and the coordinating die:  Botanical Wings.  Used together, they give lots of depth and variety with layering and the die make it so much easier to cut out all the flowers.

 I'm sure you have all seen the card in a box, but if you haven't, this is how it looks closed, for mailing.  This size will fit in a 6" by 6" envelope.  I left the back panel pretty plain, so that the message can be written there.

Another view - I adhered the larger bouquet to the back top, and added more single flowers and bouquets to narrow strips of cardstock placed inside the box as 'scaffolding'.

Here you can see that dimension and shine:)

At the end of this tutorial, I will direct you to a tutorial I found on the web for constructing this card, but if you know how to make it, then this plan of mine may be all that you need to get started.  I like that this box is rectangular, rather than square - it makes it easier to show off all the goodies inside!

You need cardstock 5.5" x 11.75" - or international A4 cut to size - the tutorial used 5.5" by 12" but I have adjusted all the measurements to fit our A4 size.  I apologise for imperial measurements even though I'm using A4, but score boards, cutters etc all seem to keep to imperial, and it seems easier to use inches because of that.

Mark and score on the short side at 3" and on the long side at 3 and 7eighths, 5and 3eighths, 8 and 7eighths, and 10 and 7eighths.  You will cut out the red striped portion shown top right.

Fold all score lines, then with the larger portion at the bottom, cut down to the 3" mark as shown above.  I found it helpful to very slightly cut in on those lines, allowing a little more freedom between the sections.  But keep this very minimal!  Round the corners of the top flaps and lightly sponge the edges.

Cut out pattern paper to fit all sections:
For back - inside and out:  cut 2 pieces - 3 and 1quarter x 5 and 3eighths.
For front upper, inside and out:  cut 2 pieces - 3 and 1quarter x 2 and 3eighths.
For side uppers, inside and out:  cut 4 pieces -1 and 7eighths x 2 and 3eighths
For front lower outside:  cut 1 piece - 2 and 7eighths x 3 and 1quarter
For side lower outside:  cut 2 pieces -
1 and 7eighths x 2 and 7eighths

You need 11 pieces of pattern paper in total.  I also sponged the edges of my pattern paper.  I used the beautiful autumn tones of Heartfelt Creations Sunrise Lily 12" x 12" paper collection.

Now here is MY BIG TIP:  adhere all panels to your box while it is flat EXCEPT the back piece as you will need to adhere the back flap to the outside of the back of the box, before you cover it with paper.

For the inside the box I cut two strips by1" by 4.5" which I scored to fit the width of my box, leaving 1/2" flap on each side - then glued these to the inside of the box level with the top edge.  I then attached my bouquets to this, glueing another one to the back flap.  For single flowers I adhered them to a thin strip of acetate which was also glued to the scaffold strip.

The link to Allison Cope's tutorial is HERE.

If you have stayed to the end, then thank you so much!  I hope I've made what appears to be complex more simple - as that was my aim!

Happy crafting, and thank you again for visiting!

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