Saturday, May 9, 2015

Misti Update

Our shipment of Misti's arrived & sold out in less than a couple of hours yesterday.
Due to the huge worldwide demand the manufacturer has been limiting how many we can order & could not guarantee we would receive the quantity of stock we had ordered.
We have just been advised we are not able to order any more now for another 2-3 months while the owner gears up for mass production to meet the huge worldwide demand.
We used to do preorders but often found that some products that we had made available to customers for preorder were then not supplied by manufacturers causing us to have to cancel the preorders & refund moneys. This was also disappointing for our customers. 
This would have also been the case if we had done a preorder for the Misti's, as we would have had many hundreds of preorders for them & then not been able to fill many of the preorders.
We have been doing our best to keep them coming, and we are never happy with having to disappoint our customers.
Hopefully the Misti's will be more readily available in the future once they have them in mass production.

We look forward to being able to bring you the Mistis again in a few months and thank you for your patience.

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