Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Clipboard

Hi everyone

Today I have a tutorial for you showing you how to alter a clipboard.  I have used Christmas papers-  tomorrow I'm going to clip my kitchen menus, recipes and running sheet on it so I can keep everything on in on place and (hopefully) avoid losing anything and ending up in a tailspin!  If you changed the paper you could easily turn it into a to do list, a shopping list or anything else you liked!

*  Cut a strip of paper and carefully measure around the clip section of the clipboard.  Cut out, flip over and trace on the reverse side of a second piece to create two sides to adhere on either side of the clip.  

 * Cut a contrasting piece of striped paper, approx one third the height of the clipboard and adhere across the bottom of the clipboard.

* Cut a large rectangle of paper to adhere in the centre of the clipboard, attaching right up to the top of thee clip.
*  Adhere a large and small foundation card in opposite directions in the lower right corner, embellish with stickers from the DIY Letter/word Sticker pack.
* Adhere a bow to the clip using glue.

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  1. I have to remember this idea for next Christmas.....fabulous Nacelle!


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