Monday, August 4, 2014

Make a Wish with Angela

Hi there!  I have discovered a new medium and it's my new fav!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with this paste !!  There are so many techniques and the effects are awesome!!
Try it if you dare.... It is addictive!



• Trim SSB smooth white cardstock 28.5cm x 10 cm and fold in half portrait style
• With three shades of green cardstock, trim 6 pieces to 9.5 cm x 2.2 cm and adhere together to form the pattern as shown.
• Place Mask over green cardstock and secure so it doesn’t move.
• With Jo Sonja’s textured paste, apply liberally to cover the mask, making sure it completely covered and doesn’t move.
• With a pallet knife, scrape the excess off (you can return to the jar)
• Gently remove the mask, taking care to lift off with out smudging. And set aside to air dry.
• Trim vellum 7cm x 5cm and emboss in white your sentiment.
• Once your medium is dry, Wrap vellum around the lower bottom of the card and secure with a brad.
• Adhere to the white base cardstock on left hand side, leaving even space on top, bottom and right hand side.


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