Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A message to all our Blog followers

Hi Everyone

DT Gal Narelle posting tonight with a quick message and apology to everyone to say sorry that our Challenge post was was late going up, and that the blog has been a little quiet of late.  

Evelyn has been unwell for the last few weeks and has landed in hospital.  
I'm sure you will all join me in sending her get well wishes!  On behalf of Evelyn ,all the staff at Scrapbook Boutique and the other Design Team Gals I thank you for your understanding!

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  1. I hope Narelle makes a speedy recovery ,not much fun being in hospital.

  2. Sorry about last post should read Evelyn.

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Evelyn, Cathy x

  4. Sorry to hear you're not well, Evelyn - take care and wishes for a speedy recovery! Ann xx

  5. Hope you are well soon Evelyn.

  6. Oh no, poor Evelyn. I hope you make super quick recovery.
    I've just had my 11 year old son in hospital so know first hand how not fun it is


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