Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prima' Anna Marie' Layout by Narelle

Hi Everyone
Our DT Gal Narelle has created a beautiful layout to share today. 
I hope it gets you feeling crafty too!

Note-  Ink edges of all papers.
1.  Cut a piece of "Anna Marie" paper to 13x24cm and adhere 6.5cm from left edge and 2cm from top edge.
2. Cut an 18 x 21cm piece of "sewing basket" paper and adhere 3cm from left edge and 5cm from top.
3.  Cut a piece of "eloise" paper 20cm x 15cm and adhere 5.5cm from left edge and 6.5cm from top.
4.  Adhere 2 tags on left edge.
5.  Cut a 30cm x 6cm strip of the borders from the "jelly roll" paper and adhere 12cm from top.
6.  Adhere two tags on the right side of layout.
7.  Adhere photo in the centre of the green.
8.  Add a collection of flowers in the lower right corner of the layout, and two smaller flowers in the upper left near the tags.
9.  Add some tickets in the lower right corner below the flowers


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