Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'12 Days Of Christmas Exploding Box' by Sue

Hi Everyone
Our DT Gal Sue has created a lovely Exploding Box to share today & she says it is easier than you think to make them.
I hope you can find some crafty time to give it a go!

Sue says her box is a very simple one layer one with the base and sides cut from a 12 x 12 in piece of white card trimmed down to 8-6/8” square.

Stamp each of the images from 12 Days of Christmas to White card using Memento Bamboo Leaves ink.  
Trimming Days 2 thru to 12 at 2-5/8” square.  Rounding the top corners of Day 2 thru to 11.  Day 1 and 12 are cut at 2-7/8” square.
From Green card trim 10 squares at 2- 6/8” rounding the top corners.
Adhere Stamped images Days 2 thru to 11 to the green card and set aside.
The images for day 1 and 12 should be adhered to green card measuring 3” square and set aside.
The Basic box is made as follows:
Trim the White card to 8- 6/8” square and score at 2.75” and 5-6/8”
Turn the card and score at 2-7/8” and 5-6/8. You now have 9 x 2=7/8” squares scored.
Trim out each of the four corner squares.
Round the corners of the remaining 4 outer squares.
Starting from the outside of the box adhere the stamped and mounted images to the white base box, days 2-5 on the outside and days 6 – 9 on the inside.  Day 12 is adhered to the base of the box.
Days 10 and 11 stand on a tab on the inside of the box as follows:
Make a tab by trimming green card to 2” wide by 3” long and score at 6/8”, 1-4/8” and 2-2/8”.  Fold at the half point score line and turn up the 6/8” on either side of this fold. 
Trim some DSP to 2-6/8” square. Using a craft knife make a 2” slit diagonally through the centre. Make this slit wide enough to slip the tab through so the double piece sits above the DSP inside the box and the 6/8” tabs lie flat on the base of the box adhering with double-sided tape. 
Adhere the DSP to the base of the box.
Add double-sided adhesive to either side of the tab and add the stamped days 10 and 11 to this. More double sided tape to the back of the images will secure these together too.

The lid is made by cutting white card to 6-1/8” square. Scoring at 1.5” on all four sides Trim into the score line on top and bottom to allow for the corners to be folded in to form the lid. Adhere these tabs with strong Double sided tape.
Decorate the sides with green card and some paper lace adding green pearls to complete.
Add the pear image for Day 1 to the top of the lid along with a fine green bow.

These are great boxes to make but a little hard to put the procedures into words.
There are lots of tutorials for them on the web, some of them with multiple layers. I’ve added a couple of links below that might help if you ant to try one 


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