Thursday, August 8, 2013

'World Traveller' Layout by Narelle

Hello Everyone,
Our DT Gal Narelle has created a very handsome layout to share today. I hope you enjoy it too.

1.       Cut “aircraft ace” paper to 29x29cm.    Ink airplane side edges black.   Adhere in centre of black cardstock.
2.       Cut “Antique map” paper to 15cm x 26cm.  Ink spot edges black.
3.       Cut “The express” paper to 9cm high x 23cm wide. Cut in half to give 2 pieces- 2cm high x 11.5cm wide.  ink train edges black.
4.       Cut “The express” paper to 12x12cm.  Ink green edges black.
5.       Cut “travel cards” paper to 8cm x 27cm.  Ink compass edges black.
6.       Mat photo on black cardstock with a thin border.
7.       Adhere the 12x12 green square on the left side of the layout, 3cm in from the left edge and 11cm from the top edge.  Add the round “I love to travel sticker”
8.       Adhere one of the train pieces of paper1.5cm from left edge and 2.5cm from bottom edge. 
9.       Adhere spotted paper3.5cm from right edge and 2cm from bottom edge.
10.   Add train paper on top 1.5cm from right edge and 8cm from base
11.   Add the compass panel 1.5cm from bottom and 5.5cm from right edge.

12.   Add compass sticker in top right corner and map sticker in lower left corner as shown.
13.   Adhere photo.
14.   From the “World Traveller” paper, hand cut the balloon, banners and title block”.  Adhere in lower right corner, overlapping the photo.
15.   Embellish the layout with a collection of appropriate stickers from the collection kit.


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