Monday, July 16, 2012

Exciting News - Tim Holtz App

By Tim Holtz.

exciting news… tim holtz app

hey bloggers!  i am so excited to share the release of something that’s been in the works for the past year – are you ready for this??? yes, a tim holtz app.  this FREE app is available now in the app store on itunes for iphone, ipads, and ipod touch, and will soon be released for android hopefully next week.  here’s the “official” description:
“The journey continues in a whole new way… Now you can keep inventory of your favorite Tim Holtz signature products from Ranger, idea-ology, Sizzix Alterations, Stampers Anonymous, Tonic, and Core’dinations with this interactive app right at your finger tips.  Create a wish list of the products you want to explore, and watch Tim’s technique videos right on your device.  Keep up with Tim’s many adventures with quick access to his events calendar, blog, facebook, and twitter.”
how cool is this?  you see, the inspiration behind this app was as a crafter myself, it’s tough to keep track of the products you have, the ones you wish you had, and sometimes even what to do with them.  well this app should help you with all of that.  let me take you through the features…

home screen:  you can see the app mimics the look of my website with easy to navigate buttons.
about me: this is a basic bio page sharing a little about me and what i do along with a direct link to my website.
blog: this is a direct link to my blog to keep up on all of the latest posts right from your device.
calendar: know where i am and when with this up to date synched calendar of events that includes workshop & demo locations.

products: this is the heart of the app.  here the products are broken down by company that i design for.  once selected it will take you to another screen showing the various product categories. (example: ranger signature products)

once you’re in the product pages themselves you’ll see a list of products organized by product type and then alphabetical by color name.  each item will have a grey check mark by it, if you already own that product, simply touch it and it will change the check mark to green indicating you’ve got it.
wish list: after you inventory your products in the products section just described, you can now go into the wish list by selecting that from the home screen.  this is organized exactly how the products are by company, product type, and color.  once you enter this section a list will appear that is generated by all products you didn’t check that you owned in the product list.  of course just because you don’t have doesn’t necessarily mean you “wish” you had it, so here you will see a grey heart by each product.  simply touch the heart to change it to red so next time your out shopping, simply touch wish list, go to that product category and you’ll see in an instant whether you have it or not, and better yet, if you wish you had it.  once you get it, go to your products section, touch the check mark to green, and it will automatically be removed from the “wish” list.  see i told you it was cool… *tip: to return to any previous screen touch the back arrow in the upper left corner.  for quick return to the home screen at anytime simply touch tim holtz tag on any screen.

search feature: another feature within both the products and wish list is a search.  once you are in a category you can search within a category for a product simply by pressing the magnify glass in the upper right corner of the screen.  a keyboard will pop up allowing you to search for a specific color, etc.
videos: this section gives you quick access to the many online videos i’ve shared.  just like on my site they are categories for easy reference, but the best part is now you can quickly find them right on your device.
qr reader: many of my signature products with several companies come with a qr code.  this little code can be scanned on your iphone and will take you directly to a product or video page linked to that code.
facebook: get up to date access to my facebook page.
twitter: want to know what i’m up to on twitter? this is a direct link to my tweets that i’ve posted.
so there you have it, something fun, exciting, and best of all…FREE!  visit the app store and download it today.
well we’re off to go and start setting up the booths for the cha trade show.  i’ll be back tomorrow to post my demo schedule for the show and remember to follow me on twitter and facebook for projects and updates throughout  the show, and of course mario on twitter or facebook for all of the b.t.s. (behind the scenes) action you won’t want to miss it.  enjoy today…t!m

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