Saturday, July 14, 2012

CHA Summer 2012 Sneak Peaks - Prima Flowers

By Prima
Prima is known all over the world for being the trend-setting leader for high-quality flower creations. This summer's CHA  release is no different! We have flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit every flower need you will ever have! Here is just a peek of a few varieties blooming at Prima:

Soubrette, Bel Canto, Soprano, and Bravo
In this sneak peek we are going to show you a few of our new floral embellishments, each one is a handmade work of art and when added to your projects will give a unique finishing touch that only Prima can provide. 
The Soubrette flowers are a blend of paper flowers in an assortment of shapes and sizes.
The Bel Canto flowers are fabric flowers with a realistic finish and centers. The Bel Canto are full of layers and rich colors.
The Soprano flowers are made from a layer of paper flowers. With a variety of colors. They are the perfect medium size roses for cards, scrapbook pages, and mixed media projects.
The Bravo flower if a large fabric flower with a jeweled center. Each layer is filled with variegated colors. 


This layout by Maiko Kosugi features the new Soubrette flowers as well as the stunning Bel Canto flowers. 

This little sneak by Felicity Wilson showcases the Soprano and Bel Canto flowers!!
Cute and happy cha summer zephyr L-1
Cute and happy cha summer zephyr L

On our last sneak project we have another example of the beautiful Bravo and Bel Canto flowers. 

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