Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful Layout by Narelle

Hi Everyone
Our DT Gale Narelle has created a lovely layout to share with you today. I hope you enjoy it.

Note-  all pieces of paper and die cuts have the edges inked.
Cut a 25cm x 25cm square from the centre of the white spotted cardstock.
Cut the “Yellow Chevron” paper Cut the white spotted cardstock to 29cm x 29cm, adhere in the centre of the white cardstock.  Adhere the white dotted cardstock square in the centre of the yellow paper.
Attach the die cut banners to the red & white twine and string across the top of the layout.
Cut the “Multi Chevron” paper 5cm x 26.5cm, following along the zig zag lines.  Adhere in the centre of the layout, 5cm up from the base.
Cut a  strip of yellow dot paper 1cm x 17cm and adhere 6cm from the base and 4cm from the left edge.
Cut a strip of blue wood (chevron side) 19cm x 6cm and adhere to the layout 7 cm from the base and 6cm from the right edge.
Cut a strip of the floral (red dot side) and adhere 8cm from the base and 3cm from the left edge.
Cut a strip of the stitched paper (striped side) 2cm x 21cm and adhere 9.5cm from the base and 4.5cm from the left edge.

 Cut a ring with an outside diameter of approx 15cm, from the “Orange wood” paper. Adhere to the layout.
Adhere the die cut pieces as shown in step 2.

Add 2 portrait photos, 7cm x 10cm, mounting the photo on the right side.
Add a title in the bottom left corner, die cut butterflies, and accordian flowers as shown.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this layout Narelle. I a just about to plan a few and may just use this the outlay of it all. Will have to make my own rozette as don't have this one you used...
    cheers Annie

  2. This is fabulous Narelle!

  3. Another stunning layout Narelle!


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