Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'Love' Layout by Narelle

Hi Everyone,
Our DT Gal Narelle has created a beautiful layout to share today. I hope you enjoy it.

•    Mat a 13x18cm portrait photo onto the red side of “delicate” paper (cut to 14x18cm), then mat that onto the yellow side of “Friendship” paper, cut to 15x20cm.  Add a border strip along the bottom of the photo.
•    Select 30cm border stickers to run horizontally and vertically, adhere to the “romance” background paper, 6cm from the left edge and 6cm from the base.
•    Adhere a die cut journal block to the back of the photo mat, and adhere the photo block at the point where the border strips intersect.
•    Sand the edges of the die cut scrabble tiles and adhere to the layout using mounting tape.
•    Add a journal block on the right side above the title.
•    To make the flower, begin by die cutting 8 scalloped circles from the “Define” paper.
•    Follow the steps in the photo to fold each of the petals
•    Once folded, the petals need to be glued on to a base circle. 
      Helmar 450 is perfect for this as it will give you enough time to manoeuver the petals, and will then set solid!  Start by gluing two petals opposite each other, at 6 and 12 o’clock        positions.  Next add 2 more at 3 and 9 o’clock, (as per photo), and then slot the rest of the petals into place.
•    Add a punched circle to the centre of the flower (this will also cover up any bits where the petals don’t quite meet!) and add some pearls to the centre.
•    Cut two yellow flourishes and adhere under the flower in the left corner of the layout.


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  1. What a beautiful LO! Thanks for the flower tutorial Narelle, I must give this a try!

  2. so pretty. and that flower is great! Thanks for the instructinos


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