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Lyra Watercolor Crayons

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After many months of waiting for our supplier to get them back in stock, we have finally been able to restock the Lyra watercolor 48 crayon sets. To those ladies who have waited patiently for them to return, thank you so much for your patience. You can find them in the store HERE

These are lots of fun & create lovely watercolour effects. I came accross this tutorial by the talented "Technique Junkie" Pat Huntoon & thought I would share it with you.

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Watercolor Crayon Coloring
Watercolor Crayons are versatile coloring tools that are easy to use!  This method is fairly straightforward -- and once you master blending, adding and removing color, watercolor crayons may become your favorite coloring tool! 
- Permanent Ink
- Stamps
- Watercolor Crayons
- Cardstock, any color
- AquaPainter/ Water Brush, filled with water
- Paper towels (not shown)
Optional:  Heat tool)

 Step One:
Stamp image(s) with permanent ink.
Step Two:
Using Aquapainter filled with water, squeeze gently to moisten brush and run the bristles over the color to be applied first. This will pick up the color from the crayon.

Note:  A very wet brush will dilute the color somewhat; a drier brush will result in more intense color.
Step Three:
Paint the color onto the image.
Step Four:
If too much water or color is appled, use paper towels to blot up the excess water.
Step Five:
To clean the brush between colors, squeeze the aquapainter onto a paper towel until the brush runs clear.
Steps Six - Eight:
Color image as desired.  If too much color is added to any spot, use the cleaned waterbrush to add more water to dilute and remove the color.
Allow to dry thoroughly. Use a heat tool to speed drying, if desired.
Mat, embellish, and finish card as desired.
Try this!
Because watercolor crayons are opaque, they work great on colored paper! Just use several coats of crayon and dry between layers to achieve the best color coverage.
...and this...:
Use the aquapainter and crayons to brush color onto paper for a great watercolored bakground.

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  1. Thanks so much for that interesting post. I was given some of these crayons a few years ago but never knew anything about them, so now I will have to get them out and have a go.


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