Thursday, November 4, 2010


Important News just received from Silhouette:

Notice of Download Card Discontinuance
It's been an entire year now since Silhouette America was born and separated from QuicKutz, Inc. We've been growing at a tremendous rate and are excited for some new upcoming products, partnerships, and promotions. As a natural part of our growth it's time to discontinue the Silhouette download cards created under the QuicKutz brand prior to October 2009.

If you have a download card with a QuicKutz logo on it, be sure to apply it to your account balance in the Silhouette Online Store by December 31, 2010. If not applied to an account, these cards will no longer be valid after December 31, 2010. Once your card is applied to your account the credits will remain there until you decide to use them and will NOT expire at the end of the year.. All other Silhouette download cards will continue to be valid. Only those with the QuicKutz logo will be discontinued on this date.

How to Use a Download Card

If you have a download card and you're not sure how to apply it to your account balance, follow these simple steps:
1.    Run the Silhouette software (Silhouette Studio™ or ROBO Master)
2.    With a new document open, click the Online Store (or Purchase Online) button in the toolbar on the left
3.    Sign in to the Silhouette Online Store by creating a new free account, or using your existing username and password
4.    Once you've signed in, click the My Account link displayed at the top of the window
5.    Click the link to Apply a Download Card to my Balance and follow the instructions on that page
6.    Once the download card has been applied to your balance, you may throw it away
You can use your download card to download new cuttable designs for your Silhouette. There's no cost or subscription to use your download card, so what are you waiting for? Create your free account and make good on those free shapes.
Silhouette America, Inc.

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