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Hi Everyone,
I get quite a few questions on Spellbinder Nestabilities Dies & how they work.
I came across this great post on the Spellbinders Blog so I thought I would share it with you.
I hope it helps to explain how they work.
How Do Nestabilities Dies Work?
Review courtesy of Beth (Spellbinder Paper Arts Blog)
I’ve recently answered some questions online about Nestabilities®. I thought I would share the answers here, along with photos because I am a visual learner, maybe you are too? I chose the ever popular Classic Ovals as an example, and used graph paper as a background (the squares are 1/4″).
These Ovals sets have five die templates, and the cut line within a set is 1/2 inch apart, by length and width. Measurements for each die template are listed on the detailed product information, just click on the die template name. I’m using S4-110 Classic Ovals LG , S4-111 Classic Scalloped Ovals LG, S4-112 Classic Ovals SM and S4-113 Classic Scalloped Ovals SM.

When you cut die templates within a set , you can stack or layer the die cuts to get a 1/4″ mat all the way around, like this:


The straight edged and scalloped edged set measure 1/2″ apart, allowing you to marry the sets and retain that nice 1/4″ mat.

Or you can layer the LG and SM sets this way, which will give you a 1/8″ mat all the way around:

Mix and match within the sets for the sized mat you need.  (Note that when we refer to a die template #, we are counting from the smallest die template to the largest within a set.)

The options are endless! 
But wait, what about the Nestabilities that don’t have a LG or SM size designation, such as the Labels? That means they only come in one size, the die templates will measure 1/2″ apart in length and width, and will allow for a 1/4″ mat when stacking and layering. See how nice this looks with S4-161 Labels One:

I know you really want to see the Nestabilities in action, so lets take a look at some art from our 2010 Design Team!  Ashley Cannon Newell layered S4-233 Labels Nine on her Miss You card:

Julie Overby used the S5-023 Mega Ovals LG and S5-024 Mega Classic Scalloped Ovals LG on this Bath Gift Set:

I hope I have increased your abilities with Spellbinders™ Nestabilities!
(Thanks Beth for all the wonderful information.)

You can find all the wonderful Nestabilities dies HERE in our store.

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  1. totally love nesties, I only have 2 sets so far, but want more for sure!


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