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For the crafter who wants it all comes the pro-strength machine that does it all. From our smallest dies to our biggest 12" x 12 3/4" plastic-backed treasures, the Big Shot Pro Machine works with every Sizzix and Ellison design ever made.
Constructed from industrial-strength materials, the Big Shot Pro Machine features a 13" wide opening - a retail first - to cut hundreds of materials.

We already have a couple of the new Sizzix supersized Pro Bigz dies in stock now with even more to come. 
Check out these huge machines HERE.

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  1. I just received a Big Shot Pro a few days ago, along with a few box dies. I've encountered something that some of you more experienced people may already know – but I didn't know it and couldn't find it on the web anywhere. All machines apparently aren't calibrated "exactly" the same, and a tiny fraction of a fraction of distance makes a huge difference when you're using a die that cuts and scores at the same time.

    My box dies (small take-out and small favor box) were cutting through a couple of the score lines. I tried all kinds of different paper weights and couldn't resolve it this way. I was going to return the dies because I thought they were defective, but after talking to the Sizzix rep., I realized they can't account for all the different paper weights in their machine calibration. Additionally, a die's effectiveness is really only dependent on getting the correct sandwich height.

    I resolved the problem by cutting a sheet of .093 thickness polycarbonate (from Home Depot) to the size of the cutting plates supplied by Sizzix. I used this as the bottom cutting plate under the die. This thickness is just barely smaller than the branded cutting mats. It worked like a charm! NOTE: I was using the scoring mat on top as required since this die cuts AND scores.

    Anyway, I think my machine is calibrated just slightly on the tight side. I'd hesitate to try the polycarbonate on the top sandwich for other dies because that piece hits the die metal, but home depot also sells acrylic sheets so that might work (I don't know the differences in hardness between the two materials).

    Hope that helps others with the same issues re: dies that cut and score.



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