Tuesday, December 29, 2009


While searching the net today I found this handy Paper Conversion Chart courtesy of Paper Mojo found HERE. I thought this would be useful for our diecutting customers.

The European measurement of describing paper weight measures a single paper with a two dimensional height and width of one square meter. This measurement is noted as g/m2 (gm/m2, gsm, g/m2). The measurement may be measuring a hypothetical square meter, but is a good "apples to apples" reference because it compares the weights of different size papers.
The English method of paper weight may be more familiar to people, but it has its drawbacks when comparing weights of different size paper. The English method of measurement gives the weight of the paper as if weighing 500 sheets (or a ream). Differences in the dimensions of paper are not taken into account. Therefore, the English weight of a letter size paper that is thick and dense may be the same as a poster size paper that is light and tissue thin because 500 sheets of each weight the same. It's the "which weights more, a ton of lead or a ton of feathers" quandary.
English paper grade to grammage conversion

Grammage                                 Paper Grade (LBS.)
44 gsm                                        30 lb. text
59 gsm                                        16 lb. bond, 40 lb. text
67 gsm                                        45 lb. text
89 gsm                                        24 lb. bond, 60 lb. text
104 gsm                                      70 lb. text
118 gsm                                      80 lb. text
148 gsm                                      67 lb. bristol, 100 lb. text
162 gsm                                      60 lb. cover
163 gsm                                      90 lb. index
176 gsm                                      65 lb. cover
178 gsm                                      80 lb. bristol
199 gsm                                     110 lb. index
216 gsm                                      80 lb. cover
219 gsm                                     100 lb. bristol
253 gsm                                     140 lb. index
263 gsm                                     120 lb. bristol
270 gsm                                     100 lb. cover
307 gsm                                     140 lb. bristol
308 gsm                                     170 lb. index
325 gsm                                     120 lb. cover


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