Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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I found this great review from Craft Critique reported by Stephanie Wheeler on the New Tim Holtz TINY ATTACHER TOOL & thought I would share it with you.

Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher by Idea-ology

Reported by Stephanie Wheeler

I love, love, LOVE office products. There's just something about legal pads, envelopes, fine-tipped pens and self-adhesive labels that just makes me want to lock myself in my room and craft for hours. And as much as I love office products, they excite me even more when they are designed with crafting in mind.

Enter the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher. A handy, compact, and surprisingly powerful hand-held mini stapler. The staples measure a mere .25" - smaller than even the standard "mini" stapler, which makes them perfect for sliding into hard-to-reach places, chomping through layers of cardstock and paper flowers, and tacking bits of ribbon.

The stapler itself is quite the tool. Just from picking it up, I could tell that it was made of quality metal that would not easily bend or break. The grip is one of my favorite aspects. Because it is a grip stapler as opposed to a common stapler, it's perfect for securing embellishments, etc., that might otherwise slip out.

The Tiny Attacher is strong enough to staple through ribbon and cardstock...


and is perfect for securing layered embellishments like paper flowers.

I have been anticipating a specialty mini craft stapler for quite a while, and I must say Tim Holtz hit the nail on the head with this one. It's the best of both worlds - a strong, sturdy stapler that is also very practical for many types of crafting. It's extremely easy to use and refill, and will be a "staple" in my paper crafting arsenal for years to come.

  • Can staple through several layers - including paper, chipboard and fabric
  • Because of its design, stapler does not slide while positioning
  • Perfect for securing ribbon and small bits to pages and projects.
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