Thursday, March 1, 2018

Concord & 9th Turnaround with Angela

I love the concept of the turnabout stamp sets by Concord & 9th.  I had a laugh when I you tubed it AFTER I had made my cards.  I certainly went about it the hard long way (hahaha). It is such a cool stamp and Concord & 9th have a few different sets which you can check out at here

Products Used:

* The concord and 9th turnabout stamp can be a little tricky but after you know what you are doing it is easy peasy! This you Tube video is fabulous and explains things FAR better than I can!  Disclaimer though.. I have made these two BEFORE i watched the video and my pattern didn't line up fabulously!!


  1. Well Angela, you can claim to be a genius as you made this without checking the 'how to' beforehand. It would never have made sense to me! Love how you have used the pattern pieces - couldn't stop at one, I'm thinking!

  2. Really great cards ... I need to give these stamps a try!

  3. So both the cards Angela...but the gold in the first one makes it look absolutely gorgeous..!! :)


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