Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Caring Hearts Card Drive

Hi there - I hope your week is off to a good start :)
It's Linda here today and I wanted to talk to you about a very special cause on again this year - 

It's a time for crafters all over the world to create beautiful Christmas Cards to be received by Nursing Home Residents to brighten up their Christmas.
I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful venture again (now in its 7th year).
Last year in Australia we collected 1100 cards to go to Nursing Home residents and worldwide over 22 000 cards were received in 2015.
The CHCD was started by Vera Wiriana Yates in 2010 in honour of her Mum and every year it gets bigger and bigger. In Vera's own words - 
"Christmas is about family, kindness, and joy.
During this time many of the elderly who live in nursing homes can feel lonely and be missing their families.
Wouldn't it be awesome if we could bring a smile to their faces & brighten their holiday season
simply by sharing our love of card making? A simple gesture to let them know that they are not forgotten.
We all love making cards and what’s better than knowing our creations can bring a smile to others, right?"
This year the drive will run from OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 25.
For those of you here in Australia keen to take part, there are two places you can send your cards for distribution to nearby Nursing Homes -
  •  *Linda Langes, c/o Gilston State School, 588 Worongary Road, GILSTON QLD 4211, Australia
  • and
  • *Deb McCleary, PO Box 213, HEIDELBERG. VIC. 3084
A few important details:
  • Please make the cards for Christmas or Holiday Wishes. Anyone can send a card - your children, church group, scout troops, etc.
  • All cards need to have a message inside (it can be stamped or hand written).  
  • Please sign your name and where you are from
  • Please include an envelope for each card and please don't seal the envelope.
  • Please stick to just cards (with a matching sized envelope)
  • And please don't use any pins (safety reason).
  • This is totally optional. But, if you'd like to include $1 or $2 to help with shipping, it'll be much appreciated. We cover the shipping cost ourselves, with no sponsor, so any donation toward shipping would help tremendously.
For each package,  please 
Download this Caring Hearts Form, fill out your details and include it with your cards.  This helps us in keeping track for prizes!
For each card you send, you will get a chance at a prize.  So the more cards you send, the better your chances. 
To thank you for your generosity in supporting this drive, we have several PRIZES ready for several winners.
There will be many winners and remember… 
the more cards you send the better your chances. :)
Head to Vera's Blog to check out the AMAZING list of prizes.
Please share the details of the Caring Hearts Card Drive on your own blogs and on social media.
Let's make 2016 bigger and better and bring Christmas joy into the hearts of many, many Nursing Homes around the world.


  1. What a lovely idea. What type of message needs to be written inside the card? Have a lovely day. Cheers Donna Z :)

    1. Hi Donna. Inside the card you can stamp/write a Christmas greeting and sign your name (first name only is fine if you like) and where you're from. So in my cards I write something like - Wishing you every blessing of the season love Linda. Gold Coast, Qld. OR Thinking of you this Christmas, with love, Linda, Gold Coast, Qld.

    2. Thanks Linda....have some cards, I can now write in them. Have a great day. Cheers Donna Z :)

  2. So excited for another great year Linda!

  3. Hi linda do we need the chcd sticker/labels we used last year? No mention here so just asking. I will be making cards for my probus club -60- but will still donate to this too.☺ it is a lovely initiative. Well done Linda and your helpers.


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