Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Faber- Castell Texture Luxe - a card and video by Therese

Hi Everybody,

It's Therese here and I'm loving the 'Luxe', Faber-Castell's Texture Luxe, that is...  sadly I'm now going to have to get them all (and the best thing is that they can be coloured, awesome)!

You can visit our blog or You tube to watch the video

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  1. Therese you could not have showcased that 'Luxe' product any better! The effect of the silver paste is fantastic - a perfect foil for the bold and beautiful 'mums' by ME. A gorgeous card! :)

  2. Your card is stunning Therese - the design is so very clever, and the colour selection is so vibrant. That Luxe looks so yummy... Good thing Christmas is coming up! :D


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