Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Treat Bags

Hi there - it's Ann here with a cute little treat box made from the paper pad by Echo Park I have been featuring this month - Sunny Days Ahead.

I have modified a box I saw online, made by the 'Queen of Boxes', Sam Donald, UK, so that I could make the most use of the 6" x 6" paper I wanted to use.  You can make one cute box from each sheet of this paper.  So let's get started:

1.  Cut your paper to 6" by 5 and one-eighth"  (or 15.2 cm x  13cm).  The finished size of the treat box will be 9.5cm tall x 3.5cm wide and deep.

2.  Using a scoring tool, and the long side at the top, score at:  1 and 3-eighths", 2.75", 4 and 1-eighth" and 5.5" (or metric:  3.5cm, 7cm, 10.5cm, and 14cm).

3.  Turn your paper so that the shorter side is at the top, with the bottom of the treat box at the left edge, if there is a specific orientation to your paper - ask me how I know this!  Score at:  1 and 3-eighths", 3.25", and 4 and 5-eighth" (or 3.5cm, 8.2cm, and 11.7cm).

4.  Fold all score lines.

5.  With the bottom of the box at the bottom, as per the diagram, cut out the narrow rectangle shown on the right, and also cut up to the first fold line on each of the other 3 fold lines.  You are looking at the right side of your paper at this point.

6.  The orange circles show where to punch out a 3/4" circle on all 4 sides of your box.  You can reach the centre ones by folding over the end panels.

7.  Apply sticky strip to the narrow rectangle above the cut away piece, close to the fold, and on the right side of the paper.  Fold the box over keeping the right side of the paper outer most, and bring the opposite edge up to meet the sticky strip and adhere.  You now have a tube shape.

8.  All that is left to do to complete the making of the box, is to fold up the bottom.  Keeping the side join to the back, fold in both sides of the bottom, then the back and then adhere the front over it all with sticky strip.

9.  When your box is made, gently push in the sides of the top, above the last horizontal fold line  and pinch the narrow edge of the top together.  I made a little tag, using the bunny from Mama Elephant's stamp set, Up Up and Away, and clipped it into place closing the treat bag with a tiny bulldog clip.  Don't forget to put some eggs in first though!

I must admit to being wary of making boxes in the past, but this one is really easy and doesn't use up much paper.  I do hope you'll give it a try - they would make gorgeous little treats for the Easter table, or a special little someone!

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  1. Thanks for the fab instructions. Great little boxes.


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