Thursday, February 26, 2015

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 Sue here with my very last post for Scrapbook Boutique.  Thank you Evelyn for allowing me to play with so many fabulous products since October 2011. A big thank you to all the design team girls, past and present, for your inspiration and friendship too.  Now enough, I'm here to share, so lets get on with it :)

I'm sharing another fun project made using my Silhouette Cameo. (Can I just say this is the best Christmas present ever!) If you're thinking about one, don't hesitate! I have the latest edition Cameo but the older one works just as well and for card makers the smaller Portrait would be equally as much fun. 

So here's how I did this:
  • Trim, score and fold smooth white card to make a 4.25" x 5.5" top fold card.

  • In the Studio software draw a rectangle and size it to 4.25" x 5.5". Send to the Cameo and cut from checked DP.
  • Draw another rectangle and size it to 2" x 5.5".  Add the inverted V to make the tab. Send to the cameo and cut from a floral DP.
  • Download the shaped label and the sentiment image from the SIL Store.
  • Ungroup the label and remove the inner cut line. 
  • Regroup the label and using the fill tool add a black fill. 
  • With the 'Lock Aspect' ticked re-size the label to 3" wide.

  • Open the sentiment image and fill with white. In the Line colour box change the outline to transparent, so you just see a white image. (I've kept mine red here to show up on the screen shots)
  • Drag the image over the label and resize to fit.
  • With the sentiment still selected go to cut settings and tick the no cut box.

  • Copy and paste a second copy of the sentiment image and fill with a light grey.

  • Drag original sentiment off the label and position over the  grey copy,  off setting slightly to form a shadow. It should be placed so you can see the grey to the left of the original image.  Group the two sentiment images. 

  • Position the grouped sentiment image over the label using the centre align in the Align window. Once you're happy with the position group the completed label. 

  • The panel is ready for printing but first we need to add the registration marks.  I adjust the marks to save paper.

  • Send the image to the printer and print on white card.  Now your image will be printed with a black background and a white image and sentiment. 
  • Add the printed Image to your cutting mat and in the cut settings window chose 'standard', 'cut', 'plain cardstock'. Finally make sure the ratchet blade is also ticked.
  • Send to the cameo to cut.
  • Remove the cut image from the cutting mat and using white chalk, chalk over the entire label. Use a tissue to wipe over the area until you're happy with the look.
  • I also separated the tiny heart shape from the sentiment image and cut it from a piece of red card. 
  • To complete the card, layer the floral banner over the checked DP. Add these to the front of the white top fold card. Then pop the sentiment chalkboard label over the centre using foam tabs to raise it up. Lastly pop the tiny red heart over the O in HOME.

That's it all done, I hope you like this one and just for the record it's a lot easier to make than to write up :)   See you around the blogs............



  1. Awesome card Sue I would love one of these machines.......Shall miss your creations but sure I shall continue to see posts on your blog

  2. Fabulous....I purchased my cameo from Scrapbook Boutique years ago, with a little hesitation and thanks to Evelyn, we over came that and I would never look it..xx

  3. Thank you Sue for your huge contribution to card makers - your projects have been so inspirational, and you share your processes so generously. This card is beautiful - I have a portrait, but am a true novice so this is very helpful. Very best wishes, Annxx

  4. Beautiful card.
    I have enjoyed seeing your projects here!

  5. Another gorgeous card And so thoughtful to leave for the new owners x


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