Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Father's Day" layout tutorial by Narelle Riley

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Narelle here with a Father's Day layout featuring photos from our Father's Day celebrations from last year!  I hope you all have something special planned to commemorate the special men in your lives you have shaped the person you are today.  If you are lucky enough to still have your Dad in your life make sure you let him know how much he means to you- and for those of you who now carry your Dad's in your hearts I hope you can take some time today to remember your Dad with love!  I'm especially thinking of those of you who are experiencing your first Father's Day without your Dad's.... (((( hugs)))))

  1. Trim "Party" to 28x28cm and adhere at an angle on the red corrugated cardstock base.  Use one of the strips cut off the paper, flipped over to reveal the stooped reverse side, and adhere across the top, approx 1cm down from the top.
  2. Cut a rectangle 7cm x 25cm from the Yellow side of "Baby's breath" paper and adhere 1.5cm from the left edge and 9cm up from the base.
  3. Cut a rectangle 7cm x 23cm from the red spotted side of "Vision" paper and adhere 12.5cm from the left edge and 2.5cm up from the base.
  4. Cut a rectangle 14cm x 3cm from the diagonal striped side of "variety" paper and adhere 11cm from the left edge and 5cm up from the base.
  5. Cut a rectangle 8cm x 26cm from the red side of "corsage" paper and adhere 2.5cm from the left edge and 6cm up from the base.
  6. Cut a rectangle 29.5cm x 4cm from the arrow side of "love arrows" paper and adhere 8.5cm up from the base.
  7. Cut a rectangle 7.5cm x 15.5cm from the Yellow dots side of "floral wreath" paper and adhere 4cm from the left edge and 7cm up from the base.
  8. Matt the photos with a thin border on the yellow side of the "Variety" paper and adhere the photos 4.5cm from the left edge and 5.5cm from the base.
  9. Add a title and some stickers from the sticker sheet to complete the layout.

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  1. Great LO. I love your patterned paper choices


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