Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gift Bag Tutorial by Narelle Riley

Hi Everyone

Narelle here with a tutorial to show you how to create a quick and easy decorated gift bag for gift giving!  

These instructions are based on a gift bag with front measurements of 16cm x 26cm but could easily be adjusted to suit any sized bag.

1.  Cut "Glamourous" paper to 15cm x 25cm, ink edges and adhere to bag front.
2.  Cut "Formal" paper to 12cm x 22cm, ink edges and adhere in centre of bag.
3.  From the sticker sheet, adhere a "Best day" sticker in the lower half of the bag and a "remember this date" (or other appropriate sticker" using foam tape for dimension.
4.  Die cut a jumbo bow from the "Sweet" paper, taking care to ensure that the centre of the bow has the text print on it.  Adhere the bow in the centre of the bag, overlapping the large sticker.


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