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Hi Everyone, 
We have lots of new Tattered Angels products on order & can't wait for them they arrive!
These are just a few of them:
Chalkboard Glimmermist
Tattered Angels newest variation of Glimmer Mist called Chalkboard Glimmer Mist

Chalkboard  base description- This innovative art medium follows the same consistency of our popular Marshmallow Glimmer Mist™. This semi-opaque Glimmer Mist™ offers a soft chalk like finish to your project with the same ease of use as our Glimmer Mist™.  This offers a simple application for a chalk like appearance yet the beautiful subtle glimmer that Tattered Angels is known for.
Glimmer Glam
Like nothing seen before, this art medium will provide a multi-faceted approach to crafting.  This water-soluble paint has the same elegant color and glimmer as the ever-so-popular Glimmer Mist™, yet with the added pop of glitter.  Glimmer Glam™ will adhere to many types of surfaces, including metal, fabric, acrylic, wood, paper and vellum.

Glimmer Glam will offer a similar base of Glimmer Glaze but with a slight more of a transparent color base, still have an AMAZINGLY GLIMMERY base, yet now we are adding custom glitters to add to the depth of the glimmery crafting experience! Using a ridiculous variety of glitters, we are not only customizing the glimmer in the product, we are now customizing the glitters too! This will give crafters a multi-faceted and unique art medium to work with. Glimmer Glam will come equipped with a pom like dauber for application. The container as well has a wide enough opening to allow crafters to use the product in larger amounts if needed.  

 Glimmer Glaze
Glimmer Glaze is a water-soluble product that will add beautiful 
color and glimmer to projects of any crafting type.  
Simply paint onto metal, fabric, acrylic, wood, paper and
vellum and many other surfaces.  Glimmer Glaze is designed
to coordinate with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and will add an additional depth to any crafting experience.

Glimmer Glaze will offer the same beautiful color and AMAZING glimmer as Glimmer Mist, but will now offer you the versatility to use on any surface. This product will be a translucent to a semi-opaque depending on how much of an application is used. Glimmer Glaze will also be a matte finished product if used in a fine application, yet as you build up the product the application will build up to a semi gloss or high gloss finish. This gives you an amazingly versatile product that can be used on any surface, offer any finish (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss or high gloss) as well as a variety of depth of color depending on how much you apply. Glimmer Glaze will come equipped with a paint brush insert for easy application. The container will also have a nice sized opening making it easy to pour out for large project. 
Both products are easily manipulated with Glimmer Mist, so they blend very nicely if needed. These products were created to act as a companion to Glimmer Mist to give additional depth to your Glimmer Misting experience.   
Did you know you should NOT shake your Glimmermist?  
Check out the video


Glimmermist....... don't throw away your paper towels when you have cleaned up that excess Glimmermist.
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