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I came accross this great review on the Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutter, (courtesy of  The Scrap Review) so I thought I would share it with you.
I hope you find it informative. ( Note : It's now Windows 7 compatible)

Excerpt from the Review:

 When I was told that I'd be reviewing the Silhouette SD, I was neutral in my reaction. According to Silhouette America, the Silhouette SD "is a digital cutting tool for personal use. It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. With the machine connected to your computer, you'll get access to all of the fonts on your PC plus the thousands of cuttable designs found on the Silhouette Online Store."

Before I received the Silhouette SD, the first thing I did was a little research on the Silhouette website. One of my stops was the What Can It Make? section. When I saw all the awesome things that the Silhouette SD could do, my heart started thumping wildly...Glass etching? I've always wanted to try that! Vinyl wall decor? I've been meaning to get a few flourishes to place about that framed print. Cutting paper? I've so wanted to make a bunch of dimensional flowers. Heat transfers for tee-shirts? How cool is that? I'll make some cute tops for the girls. Oh and my boys too, of course. Rhinestones? Holy Moly! I can do rhinestones?

That was the moment that I called my momma and my best friend, and my sisters...

Yet, despite my heart's excitement, my mind was still a bit reserved. Yes, according to the website, this machine can do everything except make dinner, but would it really work? Would doing all these things be majorly difficult? Would it actually measure up to my expectations? Would it be hard to install?

Finally, I picked up my box. (I had to wait an entire 24 hours. It was really tough, but I made it through.) In the box was the Silhouette SD, a USB cable, an AC Adaptor, a power cable, a cutting mat (for thin media), a blade and all the blade caps and 50 images.

Next, I religiously read the fantastic Silhouette tutorial online that covers just about everything you'll need to know about this machine. I highly suggest that you start following the Silhouette blog because each week they offer a free image along with loads of inspiration.

Once, I felt confident that I wouldn't totally screw something up, I made my first cuts. Holy Moly. That is when I fell head-over-heels-in-love with this machine. Since I only had the thin-media mat, I could only cut stuff like vinyl and copier paper. At first I was annoyed that I couldn't do cardstock. (I tried to cheat and cut cardstock with the thin-media mat with terrible results. No cheating people.) However, once I cut a few sheets of basic white copier paper, I saw how beautiful it could be and my annoyance melted like a summer popsicle in Arizona.

If you'd like to see first-hand how cool this machine is, just watch this video.

What I Liked:
1. The amazingly intricate images that are available. They are absolutely stunning and there are enough that you'll find something that will fit your style. Each image is sold separately for only $.99. No cartridges to buy. Everything is stored on your computer. Plus, if your system crashes, Silhouette has a back-up copy of all of your images that you can simply download once your system is back online. Also, Silhouette offers a subscription plan for all of you high-download image users. I think that this is a pretty cool idea.
2. How easy it is to use this machine. It is easy to put in the blade, load the paper, manipulate images and cut!
3. The range of projects that you can do with the Silhouette. It does vinyl, heat transfers (I wasn't able to review this, sorry!), rhinestones, paper, cardstock. The possibilities are really endless!

What I Made: I broke this section of my review down into media-type.

Paper Cutting

It is absolutely amazing how beautiful the images are. I'm totally in shock people. I used copier paper for all of my cuts on my projects. In order to dazzle up the cut copier paper, I spritzed it with Shimmerz Vibez and paints. Gorgeous. No need to buy any more flowers and leaves! I can make my own now!

Materials: Copier paper, Silhouette SD flower image and flourish, SRM sticker, lace and plastic heart "ribbon," Judikins stamp, StazOn ink, Shimmerz Vibez, Shimmerz Blingz, Fashion Jewel, muslin, black cardstock

On my layout, I used my cut images to make embellishment clusters. The flowers are crepe paper. My daughter is horrified that I'm publishing these pictures, by the way. Sometimes it stinks to have a public mother. (giggle)

Materials: copier paper; Silhouette SD tree, lace, leaves, bird images; Melissa Frances tinsel; plastic heart ribbon; ric-rack; Shimmerz paints and Spritz; ribbon; Bazzil cardstock; crepe paper; My Mind's Eye pattern paper; Gesso, machine and thread; Maya Road pin and flowers

The dress form on this mini-art quilt is copier paper cut with the Silhouette then doused with Shimmerz Vibez and sewn onto muslin.

Materials: Silhouette SD dress form image; muslin, Judikins stamp; StazOn ink; Shimmerz Vibez, and Spritz

Glass Etching

I've never etched glass before so I was a little nervous about this project, but it turned out beautifully! And on the very first try! I just followed the directions on the Silhouette site and made this project using a votive holder that was just chilling out at my house.

Vinyl Decor

I'd been wanting to get a few vinyl wall art, but hadn't quite gotten around to it. You can just imagine my excitement when I learned that the Silhouette SD I could cut vinyl! It was really easy to do and application was easy because of the transfer tape that Silhouette sells. I would highly recommend the transfer tape if you will be cutting large vinyl wall decor. It made the wall application so easy. On small stuff, you won't need the transfer tape.


Doing the rhinestones was probably my favorite project. My girls loved it too. There are simpler rhinestone patterns available on the Silhouette site, but this butterfly captured my heart. It was slightly tedious placing all the rhinestones, but since I'm a big fan of tedious work, I enjoyed it. The results are more than worth it anyway. After I finished this project, I ordered a bunch of plain shirts and rhinestones so I could make tee-shirts for all my favorite people. (FYI: My youngest daughter hasn't taken off her sparkly butterfly shirt for 2 days. She even slept in it. I love it!)

Product Name: Silhouette SD Digital Cutting System
Manufacturer: Silhouette America

In conclusion, I'm totally loving this machine. Now that I have it, I can't imagine living without it. (Kinda like getting a cell phone for the first time, huh?) It has totally changed the way I scrap and how I look at my projects. I feel like the paper world is at my fingertips now. I've already ordered the heat-transfer tape, more rhinestone tape, more rhinestones and...

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  1. Wow! This cutter looks so AMAZING! Really love the T-Shirt - it's gorgeous! Gee, it does do everything (except make dinner!). Thanks for sharing this review Evelyn - it's been so helpful and informative.

  2. Gorgeus silhouette projects. I have had mine for around six months now and rarely do a layout without using it, love that little machine. Kids love too that I can do things like cut titles and maps for their school projects and cut TShirt vinyl for school sports, being all boys they are not so much into the bling :-)

  3. I SO want one of these! I came across your blog because I googled "Silhouette, Windows 7". On their website it says it Windows 7 compatible. Any chance you've since had this resolved??

    BEAUTIFUL work by the way!


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