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Copic Markers are the original line of high quality illustrating tools, used for decades by professionals around the world. They are preferred for Architectural design, product rendering, and other forms of Industrial design. They are also popular among the hobby industry for use with models, ceramics and similar projects. We are proud to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting, most versatile markers available anywhere. With over 300 colors, replaceable nibs and ink refills, you will never need to go any further than right here for all your marker needs.
Why choose COPIC?
• Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
• 334 colors
• Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
• Copic Markers are Non-toxic
• Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free
• Our Airbrush System works with COPIC & SKETCH markers
• Guaranteed color consistency
Product information courtesy of Copic Product Specialist, Marianne Walker.
Alcohol Markers- Copic markers are alcohol (ethanol) based dye markers, that are known for being low-odor and giving smooth, vibrant colors. Since they are a dye, they will fade in bright lights, but they are acid free on most surfaces. Anything with alcohol in it will react with these inks. Any Copic marker type is refillable with replaceable tips. Unlike water based markers they will not cause paper to pill when going over it many times (a sin blending), nor will they dissolve photocopies.

Ciao Marker- Round body Copic Marker. Super Brush nib/Medium Broad nib standard, Medium Round nib optional. Refillable. 144 colors. Cannot airbrush.

Copic Marker- This is the original, square body-style marker. Standard Broad/standard fine nibs, 7 optional nibs. Refillable, holds the most ink to start with. 216 colors, empty markers available. Airbrush Compatible
Sketch Marker- The most popular marker type. Super Brush/Medium Broad nibs standard, Medium Round nib optional. 322 colors, empty markers available. Airbrush compatible- 2 spray patterns
Color Family-
The letter at the beginning of your color name (B, BV, V, RV, R, YR, Y, YG, G, E (earth), F (Florescent), Grays & Blacks: C (Cool Gray), N (Neutral Gray), T (Toner Gray), W (Warm Gray) 100 Black, 110 Special Black
Color Saturation- This is the first digit on a color name. Colors that are 00’s, 10’s, or 20’s will be more vibrant (B05, G16, R29), while colors that are in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s have more gray added (B95, BG78, G94) and are closer to the neutral/earthy end of the color spectrum. Note: E (Earth) markers don’t necessarily follow this rule.
Color Group- A sequential group of colors within one color family with the same first digit (i.e. E30, E31, E33, E34, E35, E37, E39) where numbers ending in 0 are the lightest and 9 is the darkest, also called Natural Blending Group.
Blender- The Copic Colorless Blender pen/ink. This is ethanol based and is not the same as blender pens from other companies. Used for fixing mistakes, making colors lighter and for special effects.

Booster- A needle that attaches to an ink bottle that makes it easier to refill dry or empty markers.
Various Ink- Also called Refill Ink or Re-inkers. Each bottle holds 25 cc’s of ink. 322 colors available, empty bottle for mixing custom colors also available. Great for making alcohol ink effects, such as Faux Stone or covering large areas. When you see streaking in your work it’s time to refill. You can refill directly from your bottle of ink, or you can use a booster needle. Try not to overfill.
For refilling dry markers: Ciao- add 1 to 1.5 cc’s ink Sketch- 2 cc’s Copic 2-3 cc’s Wide 3-4 cc’s
Spica Glitter Pens - also called atyou Spica pens. These fun, pigment based pens are filled with micro glass flakes, giving a very subtle, elegant sparkle. Keep stored flat, though if they are giving you troubles, try storing them point down overnite.
Multiliner- Fine Line inking pens by Copic in 9 different sizes, 5 colors, plastic disposable body design. Pigment based, archival, acid free. Will not bleed with Copic markers (on non-glossy paper)

Multiliner SP- Fine line inking pens by Copic in 10 different sizes, 12 colors in two sizes. Aluminum body, refillable with replaceable tips. Pigment based, archival, acid free. Will not bleed with Copic markers (on non-glossy paper)

Opaque White- Thick white, waterbased paint applied with a brush after you are done coloring with markers. Used for adding highlights and accents into a completed picture.
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Colour Disclaimer: While colours shown are produced by Copic the colors on the screen do not exactly match colors printed in color charts, and neither will match the marker colors in real life but should be somewhat similar.
You can download & print this chart, then hand colour it with your markers as you grow your collection. Very handy if you have 10 or more markers.


For colouring your stamped images, the following colours make good colour combinations for hair, skin & denim. (courtesy of Suzanne Dean.)
Hair Colours

Dark Brunette—E25, E49, E53, E59

Auburn/Red—E13, E17, E18, E19

Dark Blonde—YR23, E35, Y23

Light Blonde—Y11, Y21, E97, E99

Light Brunette—E25, E29, E31

Black—C3, C5, C7, C9

Golden-Red Brunette—E39, E99, E18, YR23 

Denim Jeans

 B91, B95, B97 

Skin Tones 

 E000, E00, E11, E21, R20

Click on the link below to see a Copic Tutorial courtesy of Tobi Crawford / Scorpal

Click on the link below to watch some great video demonstrations on using Copic Markers created by the very talented Suzanne Dean.

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